Google Drawing Project

Collaboration with Barbara Rauch.

Google Drawing Research Project.  2017 ongoing

with Barbara Rauch.

Exploring the Google AI called “Quick, Draw!”.

Research questions: what does it mean to train an AI system to be creative?; What does it mean to draw?  What does categorizations mean in AI training systems?  What are the social, political and creative implications to train an AI drawing system?  What will Google do with the millions of training drawings?  Why the specific training ‘categories’ and not other words.  What does it mean to complicate nouns with Adjective-Noun Pair sets – as other databases do?

  • start with the given categories – selected by Google
  • combine 3 of the categories (words)
  • draw this

Associated paper: 100,000 Lousy Cat Drawings available.

Associated conference presentation: Electronic Visual Arts, Copenhagen (2018)