Not-for-Profit Media Art Centre

(With Active18 – local citizen activist planning group)

Toronto Media Art Centre (TMAC). 2005 – 2016(ish)

Active18, local citizens activist planning group worked for years with City Councillors, Private Developers, City Parks department, City Planning and Urban design departments and local concerned citizens to conceptualize an AFFORDABLE ART SPACE to be built to house 8 long standing artist-run centres that were perpetually being priced out of their spaces in Toronto.

We survived 3 different private developers and numerous rounds of designs.

Active18 went to bat to ensure that the venerable not-for-profit artist centres had a stable and affordable home. One that they would actually be able to own.

The story is long and at times painful. As large complex projects can often become.  In June 2018, a smaller group of artist run organizations moved in and are now operating.  There are some fantastic projects being undertaken.

Please support them: visit and engage with their programs. Toronto Media Arts Centre

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